The Beatles Page
A Collection of Paul Ingles' Reports and Programs Spotlighting THE BEATLES

The Beatles in America - 1964: A public radio special produced in 2004

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The Beatles on American Radio - 1964: A report for NPR's Morning Edition.

Audio link available by clicking here. More Beatles vintage airchecks here.

The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show: A report for NPR's On The Media.
Click here for trancript and audio of On The Media report.
Click here for a separate report with even more details of
The Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

New Beatles Books worth noting: A report for Prime Time Postscipt.

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George Harrison: An Appreciation - The 2-hour public radio special.

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George Harrison: Brainwashed - A sampler of Harrison's last release.

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Revisiting George Harrison's remastered Dark Horse releases.

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The Day John Lennon Died: The public radio special.

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